We are an independent and self-governed company. We support the metamorphosis of organizations towards models with strong social and environmental impacts.

We are convinced that the organizations of the 21st century have a mission to shift towards regenerative models that contribute to a world that is inclusive, fair and respectful of living beings, in interdependence with their ecosystem.

We work with organizations to empower the individuals who make them up, so that they can exercise their full responsibility in the service of each individual, the collective, society and the planet.

We deploy an “head, heart and body” approach to bring about shifts in consciousness, practices and business models, with our own organization as our first testing ground.

At Imfusio, we work with you to

We are B Corp !

Imfusio has been a member of the BCorp community since May 31, 2019 and is thus among the pioneering companies in the world that want to reconcile profit and general interest. This certification is a recognition of our efforts to have a positive impact and it is above all a lever to go even further in the commitment of our purpose and our social and solidarity mission.

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What inspires us?

Our Clients

Every meeting, every client journey we embark upon inspires us and helps us grow. The questions, problems, and transformations we encounter help us to continuously evolve and innovative in the way we work.

Ground-breaking ideas

“The Theory of U”, by Otto Sharmer
To transform in reaction to past experience is not enough. Sharmer invites us to give more consideration to the emerging future as we face the challenges of transformation in an ever more complex business environment.

“Reinventing organisations”, by Frederic Laloux
The author presents a rigorous study of organisations who, liberated from old paradigms, were able to come up with new ways of thinking about management.

“The Natural Step”, by Karl-Henrik Robert
Known as “A Framework for strategic sustainable development”, this essential reading has helped organisations move towards sustainability for more than 25 years. It has been adopted by many of today’s widely recognised pioneers.

Inspirational reading

The Works of Nancy Adler, (McGill University, Montreal) on how the combined strengths of cross-cultural teams perform versus those of monocultural teams.
“Freedom Inc”, by Brian M Carney and Isaac Getz
“The Tipping Point”, by Malcolm Gladwell
“Decomocracy Is Dead, Long Live Sociocracy!” by Gilles Charest
“Presence”, by Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski and Betty Sue Flowers
“If Beauty Made Us Happy”, by Pierre Thibault and Francois Cardinal
“The Power of Failure”, by Arnaud Granata

Enriching cultural experiences

Always curious about what’s happening elsewhere in the world, our team soaks up ideas from other cultures with exploratory residencies in Japan, France, Spain Canada and the Anglo-Saxon countries.