Amplify your transformation dynamics through a tailor-made approach combining consulting, facilitation, training and coaching, based on 3 mainstays:

the invisible

to take into account your culture and track the effects of the transformation.

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new concepts,
methods, postures and organizational models.

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Spread the transformation

by putting in dynamics operational and strategic projects

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Amplifying means daring to think about its impact at all levels and imagining a new relationship with value in order to transform itself into a high-performance, sustainable and contributive model for individuals and for the world.

Measure the invisible

Diagnosis of the culture, follow-up, monitoring and valorization of your transformation.


Tool for measuring and mapping your culture and the deep aspirations of your employees.
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Dashboard of the transformation

Dedicated indicator table to monitor and control your transformation process.

Learn differently

Acculturation, training, transmission of new methods and postures

Facilit’hacker program

6-day training course in collective intelligence facilitation, certified by QUALIOPI.
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Training courses for managers

Training in new managerial positions to enable you to meet the challenges of 21st century organisations (leader-coach, leader-federator, leader-entrepreneur…)

Talents program

A course lasting several months, either face-to-face or blended, allowing an acculturation to methods and postures conducive to innovation and in line with your strategic projects.


Short training courses of 1h30 to 2h, online or face-to-face, to learn and experiment collaborative skills and know-how in a short time.

Spread the transformation

Pollination of new practices and innovative & collaborative ways of working, through the support of concrete projects.

Action communities

Support and action of internal and/or external stakeholders on issues directly related to your cultural and business challenges.

Innovation Labs

Support for the launch and management of laboratories promoting the development of an innovation culture and the emergence of ideas on strategic subjects.