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The five “how”

Using individual questioning to make a project a reality



The aim of the “five hows” is to help people identify courses of action to make a project a reality.


Time needed:10 to 30 minutes

Key steps

As a facilitator, you tell participants that the five hows is an individual exercise.

  1. Each participant writes what they want to devote the session to on their A4 sheet of paper.
  2. On the first Post-It, the participant writes the number 1 and the response to the question: “How do I achieve my goal?”
  3. On the next Post-It, the participant writes the number 2. They reread Post-It 1 and note the response to the question on Post-It 2:“How can I make this answer a reality?”
  4. The participant repeats the process until they have written five Post-It notes: noting on the current Post-It how to achieve the response written on the previous Post-It, and so on.
  5. To conclude the exercise, you can ask participants to share the first and last Post-It or all Post-It notes, if they think that the entire process experienced is a good illustration for moving the group forward.

Tips and Advice

The aim participants choose to work on in the “five ways” exercise can be the same for everyone or be individual. The debrief will be adapted as a result.