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Empathy interview

Gain a better understanding of the beneficiaries of an idea, project or process



The success of a project is often down to how much attention is paid to those it is designed to serve. Empathy interviews are a key part of this user-centric or user-centred approach.

They are a tool that give us a better understanding of their environment, their behaviour, their concerns and their aspirations, the overarching aim being to improve coherence between the proposal and the beneficiary.



Different roles are adopted during this exploratory phase. The interviewer can simultaneously be both:

Key steps

  1. Prepare your interview in advance, notably by:
  1. During the interview, start by establishing a relationship with your interviewee:

Work your way through your interview framework, keeping the conversation as natural as possible.

There is no need to ask all the questions if you have already got the answers you need or if you feel that they are no longer appropriate.

  1. Set aside some time after the interview to process the information, analyse it and summarise it, in order to work out what your next steps are.

Tips and advice