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LinkedIn without a computer

Make existing links between people visible



The “LinkedIn without a computer” method allows you to build a non-virtual social network and highlight the visible and invisible connections that exist within the group.


Time needed: 15 to 30 minutes


Key steps

As a facilitator, you invite each participant to create their avatar (drawing and/or word) by writing it on a Post-It that they will stick on the large butcher’s paper panel attached to the wall before the activity.

  1. Participants then draw a line between their avatar and those of others to show the connections.

They describe the nature of these connections by writing on the line what it corresponds to: name of the joint project, working group, shared passion, sport, favourite region etc.

  1. Debrief
    You review the number and type of connections drawn, and the reactions/behaviours this may have arisen during the exercise.

Tips and Advice

This computer-free social network can also be used to highlight links and connections that participants would like to see exist in the future:
“If you want to see ideas, projects, events… created in connection with other people in the group, now is the time to reveal them! Remember to note the type of connection that connects you on the lines you draw.”