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Increase team efficiency with a simple retrospective format



The Start-Stop-Continue technique is used to take stock of creative thinking, rethink a project or the functioning of a team. Action-oriented, it invites participants to dynamically and intuitively share concrete ideas for rapid improvement.


Time needed: 10 to 60 minutes

Post-it notes
A printed matrix or a board to draw it up on

Key Steps

  1. After recalling the framework of the exercise, ask participants to consider the following three questions:
  1. Give them time for individual reflection to answer questions and write down their ideas (one idea per Post-it).
  2. Then invite them to position their Post-its on the Start-Stop-Continue matrix.
  3. The group notes all the proposals and observes areas of convergence and divergence.
    You can then help the group identify a shared harvest by gathering similar ideas and pointing out possible “off-topics” or differences.
  4. Finally, make sure that all identified topics either leave with “carriers” for reflection or action, or are clearly left out for now or permanently. It is important that the group prioritises and aligns itself with these choices.

Tips and Advice