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The triad

Triple the group’s perspectives with an active listening triangle



This tool enables your group to look deeper into or focus on a snapshot of a particular topic.

Below are a few examples of how it can be used:


Time needed: 30 to 60 minutes


The triad involves participants taking it in turns to assume three different roles, each assuming a different listening level.

These three roles are:

Key steps

  1. Ask the participants to sit in groups of three in the clusters of chairs prepared in advance. Encourage them to mix with people they don’t know or aren’t used to working with.
  2. Once they are sat down, ask a question you have already prepared in advance.
    E.g.: What is the cause of the lack of cooperation within the company? What have we already implemented to cooperate well with our clients? What can we do together to improve the procurement process? What is currently supporting our company mission? What is harming it? Tell your coach about a situation in which you experienced success as a team. What were the levers of success in your opinion?

  3. Within each triad, the participants switch roles every 15 minutes.
    Each 15-minute round is broken down as follows:
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  1. Debriefing within each triad: the three participants share what they’ve learnt from the discussions.
  2. Sharing of ideas: invite the triads to come together and nominate a spokesperson to share their thoughts, what they found surprising, what they learnt and any questions that arose from the task with the whole group.

Tips and advice