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The spool

Make the links created during a group activity visible



The spool method highlights the relationships forged during a collective intelligence working session.


Time needed: 15 to 30 minutes

A spool (of string)

Key steps

As a facilitator, you ask participants a question.
E.g.: “Who do you want to share your gratitude with at the end of the day?”, “What did you find out about your colleague?”, “Who do you want to collaborate with tomorrow and on which project?” etc.

You then invite them to pass the spool to each other as a speech object.
Tell them to wait for someone to indicate that they wish to speak before passing the spool on. Respecting everyone’s pace guarantees quality sharing.

After speaking, all participants need to continue holding the thread for the connections to become visible.

Once the exercise is finished, invite the group to question how the spool circulated in the group, its pace, etc. It is also a time to share any additional comments or feelings.

Tips and Advice