+ 30 collaborators
1 measurement of managerial culture with Sometrics
8 months of support
(from July 2016 to March 2017)

AMi2, has been a family business based in Liseux for more than 20 years. It is an SEO plant of food and non-food products.

In June 2015 Ami2 became a “Freed business”. After a year of experimentations the executive manager and the collaborators felt the need to be supported by a third party in this procedure.

Imfusio has been chosen as a new partner in 2016 due to its ability to adapt to other cultures and to its co-building trademark. The purpose of this partnership is to relaunch the initial business approach – based on enjoyment and efficiency – by setting up stronger foundations.

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1) Reinforce Ami2’s aspiration and to build its purpose along with the collaborators.

A workshop that takes place on 1 day and 3 times:

  • A conversation about the achievements and difficulties encountered in the past three years.
  • A triad workshops on the “What does being a “Freed business” mean for Ami2?” topic to give purpose to the already underway process.
  • An election of a candidate-free steering committee in which every department has to be portrayed.

2) Develop the steering committee’s harmonization and awareness.

Imfusio enable three steering committee meetings between September and December 2016. This committee includes a representative of each department. The candidate-free principle allows showing the business diversity, which includes pioneers with good “freed businesses” knowledge, newcomers and other sceptical employees.

Based on this diversity Imfusio works towards supporting the harmonization of every different representation of the “freed business” idea and its aims throughout the meetings.

Imfusio’s task is also to make the committee members more aware of their role in the business transformation. To this end we suggest to take a hard look at their inner circles degree of ripeness with the help of the Labo-Proto-Transfo®model. The steering committee also has to meet Alexandre Gérard – executive manager of CHRONO Flex, a 300 employees freed business – for inspiration and to think outside of the box to be able to picture the freeing of AMi2.

3) Disclose the actual situation to identify the concrete actions to conduct

To visualise the transformation’s state of progress in an objective way Imfusio uses its Sometrics tool. This perspective allows revealing the different perceptions and aspirations within the community.

A Pro Action Cafe1 is set up to deep into the plan of action to reduce the observed discrepancies. Lastly, the employees – aware of their “to build together” practices – ask to Imfusio to share their self-organization skills, their shared decisions and their “in conscience” remuneration to be inspired.


1) Interpersonal relationships improvement

Both seminars about collective intelligence enabled a reinforcement of the collaborators’ relationships as well as the goodwill and the dialog between the team members.

2) Understanding better with a scientific analysis

Using the Sometrics allows to objectify the feelings perceived and also to create a real click inside the collaborators’ heads, each person has the will to recommit on concrete actions.

3) New processes’ integration

The “freed business” and the “autonomous decision-making” are the two subjects that raised the most awareness on the steering committee members, which – as actors in the transformation process – are not able to say what “Freed business” means anymore.
Soliciting opinions is the first step to the autonomous decision-making process, which – thanks to the continuous adjustments and to the constant realignment of all the parties involved – can be consistent.

  1. As a conversational process, Pro Action Cafe is an innovative yet simple methodology for hosting conversations about questions and projects that matter to the people that attend. These conversations link and build on each other as people move between groups, cross‐pollinate ideas, and discover new insights into the questions or issues that are most important in their life, work or community. (Source: http://amandafenton.com/)