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Collective intelligence

Collaborate to achieve together what we could not do alone



Only certain plant and animal species are capable of working together to achieve what individuals could not do on their own. Humans are one of these.

Alone we go faster, together we go furthe

Based on our experience in the field, we have compiled a great many definitions of collective intelligence (CI). In light of this, we define it as the following set of capabilities:

Far from being limited to an intellectual exercise, collective intelligence is a voluntary collective process that involves reflection, emotion and action.


  1. Concretely, when is CI useful?
  1. What conditions are needed to implement CI?

Collective intelligence requires that a specific operating framework be respected.

Here are a few principles for living collective intelligence:

Using these principles leads to the co-responsibility of those present, a prerequisite for the development of collective intelligence in the group.

Tips and Advice

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