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Getting your “feedback” head on

How to adopt the right mindset in order to give successful feedback



The mindset you adopt when you’re giving somebody feedback is essential. You need to adopt a frame of mind that’s completely removed from any judgement, referred to as “radical candor” by Kim Scott in her book published in 2017.

When you give feedback, you’re trying to improve somebody’s behaviour or attitude, challenging the view that this person has towards their actions, decisions or performance. This should be reflected in the way you formulate your feedback: make sure you dissociate the person from their actions so that it doesn’t come across as a personal attack.


Depending on the situation, feedback can be addressed to:

As the person giving the feedback, it’s important to prepare in advance to make sure that you’re differentiating feedback from judgement. You’re there to help the other person move forwards.

Below are a few examples:

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The person receiving the feedback may also want to spend some time getting into an open mindset that is conducive to active listening. To do this, it’s important to:

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